The Flight on 1Xtra Has Ended

This past Wednesday marks the end of an era on the BBC’s digital radio, 1Xtra… DJ Flight will no longer spin on her weekly drum and bass show where she has been doing so for the last 5 years.

The station went through some restructuring and as a result a DJ’s and/or shows have been canceled. Among the casualties in the Drum and Bass slot were L Double and my favorite awesome DJ, Flight.

Personally, I think letting Flight go was a big, big mistake. Flight is one of the greatest DJs I have come to enjoy listening to. Not only is she skilled in DJing, in selecting tuff tracks, but she is really humble and gracious and has great a on-air personality. I think the suits who decided to let her go were not thinking straight! I still cannot believe it!

But on the flip side, DJ Bailey, my other favorite 1Xtra DJ remains. He is going to take over Flight’s slot meaning that he now has two shows a week. And over on Radio 1, both Fabio and Grooverider remain.

Regardless, I (and many others around the world) will certainly miss her and wish her all the best and are looking forward to hearing great things coming her way!

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