Bizarre Meets Apathy Meets Discrimination

How bizarre is this world of ours? On one hand, Leona Helmsley dies, leaving $12 million to her dog... while right now in India, the lower caste people, the Dalits’ are all but ignored in the food and aid distribution process simply because of their status in the caste hierarchy. What’s even more sad about the India situation is that the members of the musahar caste, one of the lowest of the low, are so used to being marginalized for so long that they don’t even protest the lack of aid….

One disturbing part of the letter from India article is the police man who is accused of throwing Chandani Kumari, 6, and Kamali Kumari, 13, into a river where they drowned, only suspended and made to pay the girls parents 100,000 rupees or $2,400. He should have been charged at the very least for manslaughter! But that seems to be the way justice seems to roll for the poor, the marginalized, the downtrodden…

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