CMS Development My Progress Reports

I have been neglecting my personal web development for a while now simply due to work pressures and other commitments… but now that I am picking it up, I thought it would be nice to keep an open blog of my progress as I go along. There are a number of reasons for this based on the fact that I am completely revamping the simple Content Management System I build for the Nubian Underground website.

These reasons include;

  1. Since I last completed Nubian Underground’s CMS, PHP 5 was released. This release included major improvements and better object-oriented features
  2. MySQL 5 was released. The most significant feature of this release, at least for me, was the support for Stored Procedures and functions
  3. The XHTML code behind the current version of Nubian Underground is not clean enough and there is not a proper separation of the presentation layer, the data layer and the business logic
  4. There is no real database support as I had originally envisioned

For this reasons I felt it was high time that I completely revamped and built from the ground up, the next version of Nubian Underground.

The aim of this project is to build a CMS that is not only robust, but would also closely follow the Model-View-Controller design pattern, would be versatile in terms of allowing users to easily customize the look and feel, and also to enable site admins to use a wider array of data sources for the site content. Additionally, the CMS should easily present its output to both regular browsers and mobile devices, should easily allow for certain content to be made available to specific users, for example to paid subscribers. Finally, this CMS will also expose a number of web services to enable content sharing and monetization.

Those are the reasons why I am rebuilding the CMS.

Now the reason I plan to blog about my progress is because I intent to share with you, the lessons learned as I go along, including code snippets and the like. At the same time I would also like to get feedback from you with regards to my approach and things that I can improve… I mean, isn’t that one of the reason the web was created, for the Universities to share research and ideas?

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