Two Pit bulls and a Terrier… or a Snapshot of Our World Today

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”
Mat 24:12-13

A few days ago, a disabled woman sleeping in her own bed was attacked and badly mauled by two pit bulls. She finally was able to break away from the dogs, locked herself in the car and called the police. In the meantime, a neighbour’s Jack Russel Terrier that heard the noise of the attack went into the house, was attacked by the pit bulls and killed. Apparently, the woman also had a service dog, but it was not injured…

So what’s the point of this narrative? This story to me is an analogy of our world today. The disabled woman represents the ordinary everyday people around the world who are tend to be defenseless in the face of attack. The pit bulls are the thugs, murderers, the violent people who tend to pick on those who cannot defend themselves. In addition, they tend to work in packs, hence they have this false sense of machismo. The Terrier is the few brave people, who despite the obvious danger to themselves, stand-up to help, protest and protect those among us that are defenseless and oppressed. Such people are not necessarily those that stand out because they are the biggest in physical size, though in heart they are giants among us…

The link above is the original version of the story when it first came out. Here is a slightly different version of the story where the victim claims that the Terrier was sleeping on her bed when the dogs attacked.

I am not sure which of the two versions is the accurate, but the main point to me is the fact that you have these two pit bulls running around in packs and attacking defenseless people…. I think that analogy still runs true with regards to the way our world today is getting more and more violent, and not even violent for any reason, but simply violent for the sake of violence…

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