DJ Flight on 1Xtra: 11-July-2007

Its been awhile since I posted my regular updates on my favorite Drum and Bass shows… these being ‘Future beatz‘ hosted by DJ Flight and ‘Intabeatz‘ hosted by DJ Bailey, both on the digital radio station, 1Xtra. In addition, there is the Fabio and Grooverider weekly drum and bass show on Radio 1, hosted by… Grooverider and Fabio. Both 1Xtra and Radio 1 two of a number radio stations owned by the BBC and can be streamed online from the BBC website.

Anyway, this past week, Flight as usual held it down with an outstanding show, playing a mix of prereleases, current and a few old but serious drum and bass tracks..

In this weeks’ show, my hands down favorite tracks were

  • Lynx – Reverse Engineering (Soul:R Dub)
  • Craggz – Flick The Switch (Dub)
  • Break – Heads Up (Metalheadz Dub)
  • Spirit – Fall (Inneractive Dub)

Other notables, my favorite DNB producers whose tracks were played included…

  • Doc Scott – Zulu Dawn (31 Dub)
  • Redeyes & Generic – Back To The Future(Dub)
  • Jonny L – I Wrote You A Bassline (Dub)

Oh… the previous week’s show (4-July-2007) Flight was out sick and so Alix Perez & Sabre covered for her. Those boys played a killer show. Unfortunately for me, there were a number of tracks they played that I wanted to note down but I was unable to capture the titles before they changed and archived the show… hopefully I will be able to get to hear the titles later and figure out the names of the tracks that I really liked….

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