What Does the Future Hold for Darfur?

Though I haven’t really spoken much about what is going on in the Darfur region and the conflict that has being going on, I wanted give a mention to the attack on the African Union force that is currently stationed there that happened back in late March or beginning of April as an illustration of the perils the persecuted in the region face.

Five soldiers, members of the African Union (AU) peacekeeping force stationed in Darfur, who were guarding a water well were attacked and killed. Four died immediately while the fifth died due to the inability of the AU force to rescue and evacuate him… When I read this story the first time I was really shocked considering that these soldiers were peacekeepers and not the enemy. But then I realized that the attackers are the same who have been been involved in the displacement, torture, rape and murder of innocent and defenseless women, children and men. So this should not be surprising.

So the question arises, why all this violence and carnage? What do the perpetrators really hope to gain in the long run by killing, torturing, raping essentially defenseless men, women and children? By perpetrating genocide on these populations, do they believe that life will get better for them?

On the bigger picture, what will it take for there to be peace in that region? And even if there was to be peace, what about the rehabilitation for all those hundreds of thousands for whom life can never really be ‘normal’

First and foremost, peace must be brought to that region. Yet to be honest, I came to the conclusion long ago that the countries (read the West), who really do have the power to go in there and bring about the peace (of the kind like the safety/no fly zones that were created in Iraq helped protect the Kurdish people), are not likely to do much besides wringing their hands over this issue…And what about the rest of us, do we simply sit bak and think “gosh that’s awful”, then continue on with our lives?

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