Baby Gorilla Found Clinging to Shot Mother

Well it has happened again. more Gorillas have been killed including a mother Gorilla with a nursing two month old baby. The Baby was found alive clinging to its dead mother who was shot in the back of the head execution style.

This story is getting some international attention, with a number of international news media sites around the world are reporting the story including, Herald Sun, Scientific America and MSNBC. Hopefully, letting people know about the happenings in the region.

This incident once again shows the real hearts and mindsets of the various rebel groups and militia, who are suspected to have carried out these acts. Additionally, the rebels and militia also tend carry out various forms of atrocious acts of crimes against humanity against the local populations, including robberies, kidnappings, rape, torture and murder. And as is the normal with such spineless people, they target the women, children, elderly, in other words those that are the most vulnerable and defenseless in the society. It really makes me wonder if Africa as a continent will ever have peace and what it will take to bring some form of peace…

Like I have said before, with regards to these killings, these people are simply and mindlessly destroying the region’s natural resources that are supposed to be shared and taken care of by the community. Mind boggling.

In addition to this, here is an interesting comment left on the Daily Mail’s website in response to an article about this incident..

Such a sad story. Typical Africa. The wildlife is far more civilized than the human population. How could anyone be so cruel? – Brad in San Fransisco

Unfortunately I think Africa is being painted with this brush… making everyone in Africa look like brutes and savages… and no wonder, when do we ever really hear of Africans themselves standing up to help each other rather than remaining silent when some commit violent acts against other Africans (and animals too). The other interesting thing about this comment is that I don’t even feel offended or anything like that being that I am from Africa as its getting hard to argue that we African really do care for each other and for those who are oppressed.

Wildlife Direct has a Gorilla blog that the park rangers, who care for these animals, use to keep people informed of what’s going on with the Gorillas and you can find more about this situation here, how the baby was first found and the latest update on the baby Gorillas’ missing family here.

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