*Rufige Kru’s Malice in Wonderland

On a lighter note, I got Rufige Kru aka Goldie’s new release, Malice in Wonderland the last weekend of May and now I have a chance to talk about it after listening to it for a while.

Although I wouldn’t quite put this release in the same category as Timeless and Platinum Breakz I and II, I still think this CD comes pretty close. There are a couples of tracks that in my opinion were not quite complete, including track number 4 titled “Grouper” but in general I think the CD is actually pretty decent!

The other thing I really like about this CD is the artwork. Checking out the CD cover, it folds out revealing special artwork for each track on the CD. It would be like if each track was released as a single and therefore each track ‘s single had its own cover design. I will compile and post each of the covers soon so you can check them out…. but for now, check out the cover design for the track “Special Request” that I posted on a previous post.

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