Amid Wanton Destruction of Africa’s Gorillas, Rare Gorilla Birth Recorded

The picture photo above is that of Gakoti, one of the young members of the Rugendo Gorilla family enjoying the food and sunshine in Bukima

Amid the continued reckless and wanton looting and plunder of Africa’s precious resources this is some good news, the rare birth of a baby gorilla (not the one in the picture above) in Congo’s Virunga National Park. This story is remarkable because this as happened in the region where the conflict or in more accurate terms, war that has been going on in the region for about 10 years now has claimed a number of not just the gorillas but also a number of other species. In this war, the rebels and others have systematically killed and eaten some of the gorillas (and other animals) to the point where the species is facing extinction. Now these rebel groups are actually using the threat of eating the gorillas as a weapon.

When you hear of stories like these, its rather sad and disappointing on a number of levels.
On one hand, its really sad that some Africans have no shame in eating that kind of meat, i.e. bush meat. On thing for sure, there are a lot of weird diseases and crap that seem to originate from that region and I think a lot of it has to do with despicable and abhorrent behaviors such as these. I think that region would do well to embrace the ways of the bible, so that they can find peace and also improve their dietary practices. Another reason to embrace the bible and find God is so they can reject those many of the traditional religious practices that set them back spiritually and physically and are distasteful to the Christian.

On the other hand, these people are exploiting and destroying Africa’s natural resources and they either have no clue or simply don’t care about what they are doing. Either way, this is bad simply because as rebels, if they are fighting so that they can control and rule some region, they obviously have no appreciation for reserving natural resources that can be used to help that region prosper sometime in the future and I would even go as far as to say, simply makes them thugs and terrorists rather than rebels fighting for a legitimate cause

2 thoughts on “Amid Wanton Destruction of Africa’s Gorillas, Rare Gorilla Birth Recorded

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  1. It is always good news when there is a new birth. This means things may have sort calmed down enough to feel comfortable to have such beautiful babies. Oh to only be to be there…..Happy trails…Steph

  2. Unfortunately, things have not really calmed down enough… I really pray that the region will gain peace, not just for the animals, but for the local population that has suffered for so long…

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