No Rest For The Weary… Just Yet…

… but I see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I have really been swamped over the last few weeks at work. Consulting sometimes gets to be a little crazy, lots busy but in the end, when things go right, very rewarding. End I guess even if things didn’t quite go as planned, that brings about valuable learning opportunities and takeaways. But it still is a very high stress career and I have heard too that consultants do have a high rate of divorce…

However, I find that I am really getting more and more into my hobby of photography. Photography is fast becoming a way to take a step back from the busy crazy world, slow down relax. I feel that must be the way it feels for a lot of people who love gardening and tending to flowers etc… You kind of forget about all the other tasks on your plate and just focus on the subject of the lens… After snapping a few shots, downloading and posting your pictures for comments and suggestions tends to bring small but important pleasures…. then there is the community of fellow enthusiasts you engage with on the web… i.e.

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