Command-Line Interface Word Press Themes

There are three great WordPress themes that are command line based. One is Unix style, here are other command-line themes including one that is Commodore 64 based.

Popcorn Best Practice

Popcorn Best Practice

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You know you work in consulting when there’s a sign posted on the microwave in your office kitchen that explains the best practice concerning how best to pop microwave popcorn…

The Man From George Street

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A very encouraging story about Frank Jenner, a Christian, now in heaven, who for many years spread the message of the Gospel in a simple way by passing out tracts on George St in Sydney Australia.

I pray that I too can have the courage and patience to do what he did for so many years…

No Rest For The Weary… Just Yet…

… but I see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I have really been swamped over the last few weeks at work. Consulting sometimes gets to be a little crazy, lots busy but in the end, when things go right, very rewarding. End I guess even if things didn’t quite go as planned, that brings about valuable learning opportunities and takeaways. But it still is a very high stress career and I have heard too that consultants do have a high rate of divorce…

However, I find that I am really getting more and more into my hobby of photography. Photography is fast becoming a way to take a step back from the busy crazy world, slow down relax. I feel that must be the way it feels for a lot of people who love gardening and tending to flowers etc… You kind of forget about all the other tasks on your plate and just focus on the subject of the lens… After snapping a few shots, downloading and posting your pictures for comments and suggestions tends to bring small but important pleasures…. then there is the community of fellow enthusiasts you engage with on the web… i.e.

Configuring Ubuntu ‘Feisty Fawn’

If so inclined, here are some tips on configuring your new installation of Ubuntu 7.04 aka ‘Feisty Fawn’

My Quest for Ethical Eating

Over that last few weeks, I have been thinking more and more about the meat I eat and the kind of treatment the animal, from which the meat was produced from, was given prior to being slaughtered…

In general I have tended to be concerned about the farming practices where animals that are being raised for meat are fed various hormones, antibiotics and bovine food products. The fact that these herbivorous animals are fed bovine and other meat products is the one that really grosses me out!

But now the issue that is starting to grab my attention more and more is that of the ethical treatment of these animals. Without going too much into details about what goes on in some of the farms, suffice it to say that many of the commercial farms ‘raise’ these animals in extremely deplorable conditions and I feel that buying meat products from certain stores is to endorse that kind of treatment.

I am not saying that I am now going to become a vegetarian, rather, what I am saying is that I will increase my support and patronage to stores that buy product from farms that do practice ethical, humane and healthy farming methods… And related to this there are certain food establishments, especially many of the fast food places that I will continue to avoid altogether.

Holocaust Museum and Google Partner Up on Darfur Project

I really applaud this project… I also think it is really sad that the current crop of African leaders have simply negated the responsibilities that come with their office, and these responsibilities include dealing with issues such as Darfur, DR Congo, Zimbabwe to name a few…

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