MS Visio 2007’s Data and Visualization Capabilities

Towards the end of last week and these past couple of days, I been busy working with the rest of my team to get a demo up and running. The final demo will highlight the cool visualization features of Visio 2007 with it’s built in data linkage connectivity that now allows one to retrieve and display data from a number of data sources including MS SQL Server.

The whole Visio 2007 visualization capability is pretty cool if you think of it from a business perspective where you have a lot of data stored say in the database or spreadsheet and you wanted display that data in a meaningful way. One way would be to include indicators what allow you to set various thresholds such that when for example the defect rate increases beyond a certain value, the indicator changes color. The data may be realtime data which the Visio is retrieving from a data source as a regular interval…

Pretty neat I say

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