Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Headed?

Oh brother, where art thou headed? Time and time again, your family bends over backwards to help you, reaches out to help you succeed. Despite all that they do, you have no desire to be part of the solution, only the problem. Though you do have a problem, you do not want to admit it. You do not want to tackle it. You prefer to live in ignorant bliss…

Now I have finally come to realize that you have no one but yourself to blame for many of the problems you have. And though your family will not abandon you, you should be aware the the toll you are taking on your body. Only when you are much older, then will you look back and say to yourself, “What a waste. I really wish I had listened to all those who tried to help me, who tried to give me wise consul. I though I was wise, but now I realize how foolish I was…”

Remember one thing though… you are still in my prayers…

One thought on “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Headed?

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  1. Andai, I see that this post is a couple years old now, but I wanted to comment on it. Very recently I posted a similarly titled entry – about my brother. I hope and pray that the subject of your post (your brother?) has either made progress in getting healthier, or that someday he will do so. My brother has hurt many people very badly, including himself, and recently he has disappeared. I believe he is running from his past, running from his fear, and running from his guilt and shame. If I could speak with him now I’d say the same thing you ended your post with: “Brother, you are still in my prayers.”
    Thanks for your post and God bless,
    Mike Griffith

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