Izze! Soda Done Right.

Izze Doubles

Originally uploaded by andai.

Izze Soda is actually my favorite drink hands down. There are a number of flavors and the picture shows only six of their flavors.

I stopped (well I only drink regular sodas once in a very blue moon) drinking sodas for two main reasons. First, I was getting bored with the cola flavor (that is how I discovered Jones Soda). Secondly and more importantly, I couldn’t stand the over sweetened stuff any more (that is why I subsequently stopped drinking Jones Soda). I really don’t enjoy most sodas simply because of all the sugar. That was until I discovered Izze.

I love Izzie Soda because of the two main reasons I don’t like regular colas. First, Izzie has a number of different flavors, most of which I really like. Secondly, Izzie is a soda made from real fruit juice. Third and most important, all the sugar in Izzie is from the fruit… no added sugar. For these reasons, when I drink Izzie Soda, I do not feel bad or guilty about drinking the stuff. I am able to relax and enjoy the stuff and its really refreshing… I recommend you start with the Grape flavor…

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