The Faces of Poverty


Originally uploaded by DEMOSH.

When I die, let it not be said that I lived a life that was solely to benefit myself and without sympathy for those less fortunate than myself. I hope that one day I can help elevate some poverty and suffering in the world…

This picture posted on flickr by a flickr user and supposedly shows the aftermath of shanty demolitions. These demolitions are really not that unusual in Kenya and other parts of Africa. From the economic point of view I understand how such places form. What happens is that you have uncontrolled rural-urban migration as people move to the cities to find work. Unfortunately many are not able to find work or are underemployed and end up living in slum type areas. Of course slums and shanty towns bring a whole host of other problems.

I honestly believe that if there were adequate employment opportunities in the rural areas, that would go a long way towards eliminating such problems. Of course this means creating an enviroment that not only allows the ease of starting businesses but also creating incentives for new businesses to be started in the rural areas… This is something I will address in detail at a later date…

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