More Death in the Family

This past week brings more sad news… An uncle of mine died after a motorcycle accident…

I have not seen him since I move to the US, but while I lived in Kenya, we hanged out and had a great time. He was a really cool chap. At the same time, it’s when events like this that really hit close to home that once again make you sit down and ponder about the meaning of life and death and what it really means when you die…

Of course depending on your beliefs you either have heaven waiting for you, you would come back again in a different form or life simply ends and that’s it (and I really don’t know too many who are eager to go to hell as opposed to heaven though I know there are those out there too).

Now I personally believe that there’s a heaven for those who are believers (read born again Christians) and many will disagree, but that is not something that I really want to argue about right now… suffice to say that I find it really hard to believe that there is nothing beyond the grave… I find it hard to believe that once you die that it, you’re done. I truly believe that regardless of what we believe, there is something more out there… and knowing that then makes me wonder about how I should be living my life here on earth…

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