African Aid or African Enterprise. What Works?

The TimesOnline has a very interesting article concerning David Cameron, the new Tory leader feelings about the current state of the EU and his plan to help create a new EU, one that is outward facing, tackling real issues as opposed the current one that is inward facing and mired in bureaucracy and consumed by irrelevant issues (at least that is my interpretation of the article…).

There are two things that really struck me at very interesting concerning the article and Cameron’s plans. I will not talk about the first issue simply because it is not an issue that I would discuss on this business and tech blog…, but the second is one that I’ll briefly mention for now, and when I have time later, I’ll explore more in detail…

The article quotes David Cameron as follows…

“It is only by responding to the challenges of global competition and by opening up our economies to free trade that we will fight poverty in Africa. Ultimately it is enterprise, not aid that will save the developing world.”

I must say that I whole heartedly agree with this statement, that it is enterprise and not aid that will help Africa. It is my firm belief that aid has in some ways made Africa worse off because it has not helped Africa learn to develop skills that would help it grow up and look after itself, rather, it has created a mindset that has help make Africa dependent on ever increasing amounts of aid dollars (or Euros or whatever) and in some ways has made Africa worse off overall.

Now granted there are other issues that come into play such as good governance, corruption, etc that have created a situation where Africa has not been able to make any good use of the aid it has received. I will address these issues in more detail at a later date… but meanwhile feel free to let me know whether or not you agree with me…

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