Andai Consulting Website Redesign Prt 01

Andai Consulting Website Screen Shot

Although my schedule as been really busy, I have been working on redesigning the Andai Consulting website. There are a couple of reasons why I am doing this.

  • First, I decided that the basic layout and design needed to be changed, or updated if you will and the links, client lists, portfolio list etc all needed to be updated
  • Second, I felt that there was more information to be added, at the same time the information could also be better organized and layed out for easier navigation and locating.
  • Third and most important, I needed to reflect the additional services that Andai Consulting would offer, this being with regards to business in general and particularly global business strategy

So far I am really liking the way the design is looking. It is still very important for me to retain the simplicity of the site and at the same time reflect the new emerging technology markets that is symbolized by the image of the African man walking along while talking on his cell phone as can be seen in the screen shot above…

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