The Cab Calloway Orchestra at Benaroya

Tonight I was able to see the Cab Calloway Orchestra, under the direction of Cab Calloway "CB" Brooks, perform at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle. . They put on an amazing show… I have always been a Cab Calloway fan since I saw the movie Cotton Club where they performed his most famous number, ‘Minnie the Moocher’

Before the actual performance, they showed two old Betty Boop cartoons, ‘Snow White’ and ‘The Old Man of the Mountain’ which actually feature Cab Calloways songs… and a couple of his dance moves too..

By the way, Cab Calloway Brooks is actually Cab Calloway’s grandson.

The Sign at the Door

Bible Beaters Beware
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I was walking in this neighborhood and I saw this rather interesting sign that placed on their front door. The sign says “No Bible Beaters! This Means You!”

First of all, this simply tells me that whoever lives in this house must be one really angry dude (or dudette) and in a way I feel sorry for them…

African Leaders Starting to Show Leadership… Maybe?

I am glad to see that some of the African leaders seem to be actually starting to take their responsibilities a little more seriously. I hope the meeting in Tanzania to discuss the crisis in Zimbabwe and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and also is only the beginning and that ultimately they will do something to pressure the Zimbabwean government on its gross human rights violations… more to come on Zimbabwe and its current president Mugabe…

Feeling Much Better Now Though….

I am still tired but certainly feeling much better now… I think this week I want to get more sleep by going to bed a by 10:00 or so… and try and recoup…

Tired and Exhausted… Time to Get Rest

I come home a couple of hours early today to get a little shut-eye. I have been really exhausted these last few days and the last two days have certainly taken their toll… I am beginning to appreciate the fact that there are times your body simply needs to get rest and you can’t keep burning the candle at both ends…

Musical Thoughts from the 520 Freeway

Lost In A Moment

As I sit here on this awesome parking lot they call the highway 520, I find that my daily commute from the east side allows me time to reflect on various issues or simply enjoy some time to myself…

I have to admit though that many a time it gets a little tiring to have to deal with the same amazingly bad evening traffic jam that regularly occurs between the 405 and the 520 bridge, however once in a while it will get really bad like today where the jam started all the way from Microsoft! It’s times like this when you really appreciate your radio, and no I don’t mean regular radio that plays commercials, interrupted occasionally by [really bad] music, I mean NPR and also KGNW the Christian radio station. Or when not listening to the radio, I have some CDs that I carry with me in the car…

Interesting thing about the CDs I am currently listening to. Some are CDs that I would never have bought except that Tower Records went out of business earlier this year and as the countdown to final shut down continued, they were discounting the CDs on a daily basis. I was able to pick up a number of CDs really cheap and we found a few gems. One CD that I really like is Lost in a Moment by Shrift.

I must say, this is an excellent CD no doubt! I highly recommend it… in fact don’t just sit there go out and get it now!

What Was Your Day Like? : 03/21/2007

Considering my previous post, this post seems a little trite. Long, long day, rather stressful since I had to do a demo for a client… though it turned out ok in the end.

But, I got home and I am more relaxed now than I have been in the last few days, the only thing now is someone stole our recycling bin! Incredible! Who would want to steal a recycling bin? Oh well, back to flickr

MS Visio 2007’s Data and Visualization Capabilities

Towards the end of last week and these past couple of days, I been busy working with the rest of my team to get a demo up and running. The final demo will highlight the cool visualization features of Visio 2007 with it’s built in data linkage connectivity that now allows one to retrieve and display data from a number of data sources including MS SQL Server.

The whole Visio 2007 visualization capability is pretty cool if you think of it from a business perspective where you have a lot of data stored say in the database or spreadsheet and you wanted display that data in a meaningful way. One way would be to include indicators what allow you to set various thresholds such that when for example the defect rate increases beyond a certain value, the indicator changes color. The data may be realtime data which the Visio is retrieving from a data source as a regular interval…

Pretty neat I say

Newspaper Web Sales Increase 31%

This is pretty impressive and at the same time very promising. BizReport is reporting that Newspaper web sales increase 31%

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