The Oscars and the Last King of Scotland

Normally I could really care less about the Oscars but this year its a little different.

Why? Well I rarely watch blockbuster type movies at all and even though at times I do get excited about certain up coming movies as the marketing folks build the buzz around them when they finally open in the theater, my interest has wained and I’m thinking that I’ll simply wait till they come out on DVD. For example right now I’m waiting to see the new Spiderman (with the Sandman as the villain), Fantastic Four (with Silver Surfer) and Transformers. Each of these movies bring me back to my childhood growing up reading Marvel comics (Spiderman, FF and Hulk were my favorite Marvel superheros) and also Saturday morning with the Transformers. I hope by the time they open later this summer, that I’ll still be interested in actually going out and watching them in the theater… So what has this got to do with me the Oscars?

This year I am really interested in seeing Forest Whitaker take home the Oscar for his performance in The Last King of Scotland. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. First, I think he is simply a great actor and a really nice, articulate chap, not the handsome dashing Denzel type, but a really cool guy
  2. But second and most important, is the fact that I remember as a kid in the 70s hearing the stories and seeing on the TV news all the stuff that was going on in Uganda especially under Idi Amin, and being that Uganda is our (Kenya’s) neighbor to the west, the stories were even more real and surreal. I really think it is important that people who remember don’t forget what kind of person this man was and the death and destruction he brought to so many. Every time Forest wins an award for this movie, it is likely more people will go see the movie and spread awareness of this dark history

Now you may ask, have I see the movie? To be honest with you, no I haven’t, but I will eventually go see it.

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