My Flickr Addiction

Over the last few months, starting sometime over last summer, I have been very sporadic with my blog. This is due in part that I had just graduated, when on vacation (at which I was pretty good at keeping up with the blogging) then started my new job in August. You’d think that I would have stuff to say, but one thing for sure was that I really don’t want to blog about my job.

Another thing that happened to me was that I lost my blog when hackers hacked into my site and destroyed all my files and data. I was able to retrieve some of my posts but a number are lost forever. Lessoned learned here, always back-up your stuff…

But the biggest reason for not keeping up with my blog is flickr. I have been spending a lot of my time (and wasting a lot of my time too on my flickr pages posting all sorts of photos I’ve been taking. Its actually kind of fun and a way to meet others who love photography… As of this posting, I have 1,627 photos posted and I will be adding a ton more…

I started the account a couple years back posting pictures taken with a Pentax EI-100 1.3 mega pixels camera. Most of the pictures were pretty bad and this camera is the reason why I’ll will never buy Pentax cameras. Then at the end of Spring last year I bought a Canon Poweshot SD 600 6 mega pixels camera. I really like this camera. It for the most part takes really decent shots, however there are a number of types of shots I’d like to be able to take that this camera simply cannot take so I will be upgrading to a Nikon DXX DSLR. Depending on how much I can afford to spend and what kinds of deals I can get, I will either get the D40, D50, D70 or D80. Then I can take my photography to the ‘next level’… whatever that means…

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