Checking out Hong Kong

Today we spent the first part of the day doing the Hong Kong tour. Once we went to all the different hotels where we picked up the rest of the parties we went to Victoria island which was the tour that we had chosen to do. The tour consisted of driving up to Victoria Peak for a grand view of the city and a brief history of the area and some of the famous houses on this peak, we then went to a gold and silver factory to see how the stuff is made (or in other words, captive audience, hopefully we would buy something) that was the lamest part of the tour. After than we went to the floating fishing village, though the farmers don’t fish any more and the lifestyle is actually dieing out so in a few years one can expect it to be no more. Finally we went to the market, not a farmers market but more like the tourist market. There really wasn’t much there that I would have been interested in buying. But all in all the tour was really nice simply because you see quite a few things in a short time and it helps give you context for if you decide that now you want to explore on your own … which we planned to do that afternoon.

I forgot to mention that earlier that morning when we started the tour we noticed that the streets were rather empty and our guide told us that was because it was a national holiday, Hong Kong’s birthday, the 9th anniversary of the island’s return to China. However now in the afternoon, the streets were once again bustling with tons and tons of people and that was nice in a way. One thing that is evident in Hong Kong to is that there are a lot of tourists and foreigners.

Certainly we did a lot of walking that afternoon.We had planned that in the afternoon we wanted to check out the jade market where we bought more than a few things, and I also wanted to check out the various electronics stores to check out what kinds of cell phones (and memory) were for sale and also simply to see the city on foot too.

In the evening after a little rest we walked down to the Star ferry pier to checkout the fireworks that were going on. Every Saturday the city holds a laser light show, however this month they have also added fireworks to the show. By the time we eventually got back to the hotel it was around 11:00 pm or so.

Tomorrow we come to the end of our vacation and we leave for the US.

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