Back to Ubud

After breakfast and using just about the slowest Internet connection in the world (15 mins just to log into my email) we left to go back to Ubud. The drive back was actually nice and much more pleasant than the drive to Pemuteran. The route we followed took us through the central mountain region including the Danau Bratan area, and this road I think is one of the highest elevation driving areas in Bali. This area is really beautiful and has three high altitude lakes, Danau (lake) Tamblingan, Danau Buyan and Danau Bratan and also we were able to make stops and take great pictures. One of the other places we also stopped at was Air Terjun Singsing (Daybreak waterfall) which was about a 200 m walk from the main road down a slope into a small valley. We also stopped at an all you can eat buffet that was obviously meant for tourists and the more well off Balinese. The food was so-so however, for 60,000 Rp (about $6.00) why not?

We got into Ubud at about 5:00 pm and after checking out a couple of places ended up in a cheap but really nice place called Sania’s House. This is actually a really large family coumpound that they added a really really nice pool and about 3 or 4 extra 3 buildings for rooms. The photo above and others here will give you an idea of what the buildings look like.

Later that evening we went to Ubud’s palace to checkout The Barong and Legong Dance performance. It was pretty decent. I recognized the Barong part of the dance since I had seen it before in Batu Bulan but the Legong dance was new to me. What was different with the Legong is that instead of the dialog being done by the actors themselves, all the dialog including the women’s dialog is done by one of the members of the Gamelan orchestra. I must say I really liked it.

Tomorrow we will met George and Rebecca at Cinta Bar and Grill for some happy hour mojitos

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