Last Day at Pemuteran

Woke up feeling a little tired from the diving yesterday but the pain in my bicep is gone so that’s good. I wonder if I was suffering form decompression sickness. If so, then it’s a good thing it wasn’t in my spine or my brain cause that would have been really serious

This morning I went snorkeling again and there was some pretty good fish and other seal life to checkout and later that evening we went to the Turtle hatchery that is run I think by the same guys who are doing the reef restoration project. Basically what they do is they pay the locals for Turtle eggs they may find and be included to eat instead. They then incubate the eggs till they hatch after which they will then take care of the baby turtles for a number of weeks after which they release them into the ocean. What happens to the turtles? Normally when they mature they will come back to lay their eggs, however that takes about 20 years so that remains to be seen. The hatchery also takes care of and nurses sick or injured turtles then once healthy, releases them back into the ocean. Pretty cool place. They are always looking for donations, yet at the same time, when they do get excess donations, they turn around and support a local school and help provide educational opportunities to the local kids teaching them the importance of the environment.

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Ubud.

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