Snorkling in Pemuteran

Woke up at about 3:00 am with a really sharp pain in my left bicep/deltoid area and though I am not too worried, it is a little uncomfortable. I am not sure if it is something that stung me when I was diving at the Drop-off or whether it is due to decompression sickness and traveling over the higher elevations… I will monitor the pain and see what happens… but if it is a problem with decompression, then I think I’ll be fine in a couple of days cause I plan to do some diving in Menjangan Island

Meanwhile, the snorkeling that I did on the reef right in front of the hotel was great. I went out in the morning during high tide and again later in the afternoon during low tide. High tide time was actually the better time to go due to visibility and all that. There were quite a decent variety of fish to see.

A quick word about this particular reef, it is the reef where the Pemuteran Coral Reef Restoration Project is being run. What they are doing is simply trying to restore Bali’s lost or damaged reefs. Apparently a lot of Bali’s reefs were destroyed by fishermen using dynamite and/or cyanide which to me I find pretty astonishing, but this is a post for another day… Anyway, you can read about the project here

We went to talk to Archipelago the dive shop that was recommended to us by the resort. We talked to some of the other dive shops and after considering everything, we really though that Archipelago offered the best value considering their experience, their equipment etc so tomorrow I go diving!

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