Off to Pemuteran

We left for Pemuteran at about noon today. The journey was rather uneventful other than the fact that the roads, although they didn’t have any potholes, were a little uneven and combined with the pollution and the smoke (that seems primarily due to people burning garbage etc) I was right there getting nauseous.

We made a couple of stops on the way, one in Singaraja at the big department store there to get some postcards and munchies and also to visit the parents of one of the Blue Moon Villas wait staff. I quick note about the department store, I found in the comic section copies of Asterix in Indonesian language. I thought that was pretty cool… The other stop was in Lovina, but the place really did not look exciting at all… but then again, what do I know?

We got to our resort about 5:00 pm or so. We later found out that there is a school of dance supported by one of the dive shop that puts on a simple performance every Saturday at about 7:30 pm so we decided to get a quick dinner and go check out the dance. It was actually pretty cool and the young dancers, though obviously learning, did five very impressive dances…

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