More Diving

Today I woke up bright and early to go diving again. Since I was the only one going diving today, we decided that rather than going to the Monkey Reef to do a slope dive, we would instead go to Tulamben Drop-off and do a wall instead. That sounded pretty decent so i was game. Both dives were great. I saw a number of Lion fish, Moray eel and even a White Tip Shark

The dive was actually pretty nice. I was able to take my disposable underwater camera and take some pictures of a solitary Lionfish that was just basically hanging out with all its spines extended. I made sure not to try to get in too close just in case… In addition, the water was really calm unlike a couple of days before so it turned out to be a relatively easy dive.

We leave tomorrow for Pemuteran and this being the last night, we ordered the Smoked Duck (which you must order a day in advance to give the folks time to go get one), a Balinese specialty. I am not really to big into duck cause it tends to be way to rich for my taste but this one wasn’t too rich. It also wasn’t too big and what I did not realize was when they said smoked duck they meant EVERYTHING including head and webbed feet. All in all, it was pretty decent…

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