Diving the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben

Woke up at about 6:30 am this morning feeling a little apprehensive. Today we go diving at Tulamben with Eurodive, one of the reputable dive shops in Amed Bali. I haven’t dove since 2001 and even though I will be doing an introductory half hour course, I still feel a bit nervous since I know enough to know that diving can be a risky sport if not done right…. I heard some diver mention recently that diving is like riding a bicycle, one you learn you never forget… hmmm…

We started off with the half hour introductory lesson before driving over to Tulamben to Liberty shipwreck. Like I said, I forgot my open water dive certification card at home and since I am certified through SSI and not PADI, they could not even check over the Internet to make sure that I am indeed certified so I had to do the intro course. But that was alright…

Overall, the dives today were good. Although I have done a sunken ship dive, I have never done an actual wreck dive so this was exciting. In addition to this, although we only went around the wreck the first dive, in the second dive we actually penetrated the wreck so that was awesome. The visibility was not super so we could not see too far. Getting in and out of the water was also a bit crazy since it was windy making the surface of the water rather choppy. Also being a shore dive, the actual shore was not sandy but very rocky. The rocks were not sharp at all, rather, they were very smooth which meant that even when you were completely out of the water, you had to be careful not to slip with all your dive gear on.

After the dive, we went back to the Euro Dive to get our gear washed, lunch and fill out our dive logs. That afternoon I was totally pooped so I napped for an hour or so. I forgot how physically demanding scuba can be if you’re not in shape.

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