Random Observations Round Ubud

There are signs all round this place that Ubud is certainly a tourist destination, lots of shops and restaurants that obviously cater to tourists. However, many of these are relatively empty with the shop owners/;employees or restaurant wait staff simply standing around waiting for customers. It seems like there are not the usual number of visitors here that there should be and some think its because World Cup is going on and hope that once that is over, more tourists will arrive. Others however will also acknowledge that the bombings that happened last year may have been the last straw for some, especially the Australians. I think that is probably the reason, but at the same time I also think that given time, the tourists will come back. I also think that maybe the Bali tourist board should start actively promoting Bali to other parts of the world especially to Americans rather than simply relying on the Australian. I guess the other Asian countries (especially Japan) are also making Bali a destination.

A number of tourists here brought their laptops with them and you see some of them in the restaurants typing away as they drink their (insert your favorite drink here). Actually I really like that idea especially since you pay by the minute to use the computers in the Internet cafes here. In addition, the connections so far have been really slow. Although there are a couple of cafes with broadband, the overwhelming majority of the places here use dial-up and I suspect that all the computers in the cafes are probably sharing one dial-up connection.

Due to the costs, what I decided to do was buy a note book that I can journal in then at a later time transfer the entry to this blog… and next time I travel, I’ll pack my cheap Linux laptop and use that instead for typing and saving pictures from my digital camera.

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