On the Lighter Side, Great Vietnamese Artists & Art

Vu Loc Hoi An Scene

Even though I am back in class with tons of readings assignments, homework and projects, I feel much more relaxed now that the sewer thing is just about done. I don’t know what the bill is going to look like, I know it’ll be huge… but I guess that’s the way it goes…

In the meantime, we put up the shelves in the garage last night and moved stuff back into the garage. Now the garage is actually looking pretty good…

On the lighter side, I totally fell in love with Vietnamese art during my trip there last spring. My favorite place for art was Hoi An. There are a number of really great artists whom I would love to buy all their art, however, my three most favorite artists are, Dao Hai Phong (check out examples of his work here), Bui Xuan Phai (who has been described as Vietnam’s Picasso, view samples of his work here) and Vu Loc, an artist local to Hoi An. Above is a Vu Loc painting I bought in Hoi An.

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