The Tail End of the Sewer Nightmare

Well, the last few days, my neighbors and we have been working with a plumbing company to sort out the mess that has been going on since we sewage backed up into the garage. The estimates for the repair kept going up from an initial $2500, $3500 to now about a total of $25,000. Yes that’s right. First it involved digging up a piece of the driveway then it evolved to digging up the road to fix sections of busted mains. Then there is the smell that has been floating around the sidewalk where they exposed the mains. I can’t complaint too much cause it actually could be worse. And the one good thing is that now the druggies who used to hangout under the big tree (which incidentally is the cause of all this mess) have moved on… most likely cause of the smell. Hopefully come Monday, the city will come in and do their final inspection, and this nightmare will be over. Of course there is still the bill to come.

In the meantime my buddy (let’s call him ‘M’) and I spent the day cleaning and disinfecting the garage. It actually looks pretty me thinks. It just so happens that I have had case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade sitting in the garage for a couple of months now. I don’t drink the stuff but “M” thinks it’s pretty decent so I gave it to him, he set it down by the outside stairs while we were working and not surprisingly, some alcoholic lady passing by and offered to him a favor and take the case off his hands. ‘M’ politely declined…

I forgot to take pics of the mess as I had said I would in the previous post… sorry about that..

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