Another Excellent Soundtrack

The Constant Gardener Soundtrack CD Cover

Oh by the way, I got “The Constant Gardener” soundtrack a little while ago and the longer I listen to it, the more I am loving (yes I know, this is improper grammar but who cares?) it. Some of the tracks are really sad (not in a bad way) when you listen to the music and think about what scene in the movie the track actually played… but some of these really sad tracks are also my favorite. I really like “Roadblock I”, “Roadblock II”, “Funeral” and “Procession” which is actually the most interesting track of the whole album. I call it “Spanish Guitar Sadness meets Brazil” You must listen to it to understand what I mean…

Moving without Murphy’s Law

I am about to move my website to a new server. No big deal expect for my past posts on this blog. The plan is to dump all the posts to a script then run the script on the new server. Hopefully I will not lose any data, but you know how it goes… sometimes Murphy’s Law gets its way!

Oy! Dillinja!

On the weekly Fabio & Grooverider Drum & Bass show this past Friday Grooverider played a new killa track, “Oy” by Dillinja. Right now I think it’s a white label and I don’t know when or on what label it will be released but hopefully it will be soon.

If you want to listen to “Oy”, you can check it out in this week’s archive on the Fabio & Grooverider’s Drum & Bass section of BBC’s Radio 1 website.

Amazon’s Competitive Advantage

Last Friday, I was looking at one of the books I needed to buy for my Price Theory class. As usual, the first thing I did was to logon to to find out the price of the book and see if there are any good used copies. I have been able to buy even brand new books at less than half price this way. There was no real price advantage to buying this book used, but I noted the price of the book and the ISBN number.

I then called around to the major bookstores around town, none of which had the book in stock but were willing to order the book for me. The shortest time between ordering the book and receiving the book was going to be 4 to 5 business days, and since it was late on Friday afternoon, the first business day was to start today (Tuesday) because Monday was MLK day. One of the bookstores however, the waiting period was 6 to 9 weeks!!! What on earth?? In addition, this particular bookstore, their online store said the same book, if ordered would ship in one to two days! There is an amazing disconnect between this bookstore and its online store which is truly mind-boggling!

Eventually I went back to, ordered the book, selected two day shipping which guaranteed the book would arrive by Tuesday. I could have chosen the option to have the book come in yesterday, but I didn’t want to pay the extra shipping.

This story illustrates why online retaliating, if done right can really one-up the traditional bricks and mortar stores. It comes down to convenience, ease of information and logistics.

Sine Tempus (Metalheadz 2006)

Word on the street is getting louder and louder!

Goldie’s highly anticipated album, Sine Tempus (Without Time) is coming out this year, probably before summer. I think there is a DVD too and I’ll confirm in due time…

I have heard a couple of tracks here and there, and I think this album is going to be a killa!!

Technorati Search Temporarily Down

Search term not found error

I took this screenshot of Technorati’s blog search results about 8 hours ago.

I had just posted my previous post then I went to manually ping the Technorati servers. That went fine. I was interested in figuring out how long it would take between pining Technorati and my latest post actually showing up on the site, so I decided to do a blog search for the term “Goldie”. To my surprise I get the message saying that there were no blogs that contained that particular term. I thought that was odd, and obviously wrong, so I tried a couple of different terms that would be obvious but I still kept getting the same message. Above is a screenshot of the result I got using the search term “podcast”, which was actually in the top tem search list at that time. I then came to the conclusion that Technorati’s blog search engine was not working.

Anyway a few minutes ago, I went back to the site and tried searching again, and it seems like everything is now back to normal… hmm… I wonder if the tech media noticed.

Drum&BassArena Classics by Goldie

The Classics Mixed by Goldie

Drum&BassArena, that website for all things Drum and Bass puts out its latest release titled “Drum&BassArena: The Classics Mixed by Goldie”.

This is a 41 track, double album compilation of classic drum and bass killas that have ruled the nation. I sampled the tracks, a number of them I already own and some that I don’t have, but I recognize from listening to Flight, Bailey, Grooverider, L Double and Fabio on BBC 1Xtra and Radio1 shows. I really like the D Bridge (of Bad Company UK) track “True Romance” which I have been unable to find on CD. I first heard D Bridge on Flight’s show… Another absolute Killa track by D Bridge is “Bellini”. Both of these tracks were released on the Metalheadz label.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As an African living in the US, I often reflect on how the 60’s and people like MLK changed the direction of America during the Civil Rights Movement. If people had sat back and continued with the status quo, I probably would never have been interesting in coming to the US, I certainly would not be sitting here right now writing this post!

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