Kickin’ Back with Grooverider

I had my market entry strategy presentation to the executive level managers today. In addition to all the other school related and other stuff that I have been working on, preparing for this presentation, and also preparing the final report has taken quite a bit from me.

Now I feel very relaxed now… well at least till until school starts again in the first week of January. So what am I doing? I am listening to the Fabio and Grooverider’s show on Radio 1. Grooverider is on the decks, and he is dropping serious vinyl killers! A number are white plates and artists unknown, so I can’t really tell you the name of the two that I really like. I should be able to know the names in a week or two once the names come out.

In the meantime I had talked about Fanu/Samurai’s mixes that he put online? Those are another set of killers! I have been listening to the mixes almost everyday now. I think my top tune out of his mixes is “Defunct Drums’ Depression Decade – VIP” which is to be released Offshore Recordings. On the bad news side, Fanu’s “Siren Song” is not going to be released. That’s a bummer! I first heard that track on Bailey on 1Xtra. I was totally bowled over…you would have to listen to that track to understand why I am bummed its not coming out.

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