Gifts of Giving

I was watching Oprah for a few minutes and I guess she does a “my favorite things” show where “we” get to see what she loves. Anyway, today she has all these chaps who whet down to the New Orleans area to help with the Katrina relief. I think its really awesome that the volunteers work could be appreciated… and boy did she really show appreciation. I am watching on an off, but I counted among the gifts, a Burberry Coat and Handbag, a diamond encrusted watch, video iPod, a tub of chocolate… actually, checkout the full list here. Ok, I must say, those are some really great gifts… plus I have never seen so many tears of joy, hugs and Oprah worship… and those were just the guys…

In the meantime, here is a truly touching article from India. Over 13,000 women’s groups in India, whose membership is mostly made up of poor women came together to raise $2000. By donating help a rupee each, they raised about $1,373 in 10 days. The rest was made up in donations. I think the remarkable thing about this story is 1, the level of poverty in some areas of our world where donating something line $0.50 is a really big sacrifice. Also, the generosity of people can also be really remarkable and help restore your faith in humanity. The only nagging question concerning this story is, “Where are the men????” But then again, this is India where men seem not to really esteem women much, so it’s no real surprise.

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