The Growing South African Movie Industry

Though I have been sick since Friday however, Saturday was really bad… bad enough that I climbed into bed that afternoon and haven’t left bed till today (Sunday) morning. I guess there are a few benefits of having to stay in bed… especially if you have a laptop, a PDA and wireless connection. So here I am updating this blog while in bed and one of my two cats is keeping me company.

This morning, I was able to watch a couple of TV shows that I would not have necessarily have been able too since I would have been in church. Anyway one of the really interesting ones was a half hour promo show on the upcoming HBO show called “The Triangle”, a sci-fi show that has something to do with the Bermuda Triangle. I have always been fascinated by the whole Bermuda Triangle phenomenon and shows dealing with this topic including one of my favorite “The Fantastic Journey”. I don’t have the Sci-Fi channel so I don’t know if I’ll get to see this new show anytime soon, but that is not really what I found to be interesting.

What was interesting about this promo/behind the scenes show was that this three part mini series was shot on location in South Africa! According to the director, at least I think he was the director, the Cape Town location was ideal in that within an area of a few miles, the natural scenery was such that they were easily able to recreate Miami, the downtown location, the high seas locations etc etc pretty easily. This I think is similar to the way California ended up being the place of choice for Hollywood in terms of the fact that the early studios were also easily able to recreate varied scenery. I have noticed too that on TV, there are a number of shows that were obviously shot in South Africa. This to me implies that South Africa is certainly becoming a preferred location for movie making not just for “African” movies, but more and more for movies that whose scenery are not obviously “African”.

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