Short Time-lapse Musings

Its 10:30 PM right now… looking out the window the night is covered in fog. This fog has been around for the past week or so, sometimes during the day the sun might break through, or the fog may take a nap, but in the evening and for the rest of each night, it’ll hang round. Actually, I like it especially when the glow from the streetlights reflects off the fog creating a kind of a serine night scene…

Its 10:35 PM right now… and I am really tired. I have been working on a number of work and school related projects including a business plan. The projects are due next week… not so exciting, however, the business plan is pretty exciting. I have a great team. We have been able to really refine the plan and I think it’s a really strong plan. We are going to submit it to at least one business plan competition and we really do believe it has a chance to make it to the final round to be held next year. If that works out, that would be awesome…

Its 10:40 PM right now… and I am thinking that maybe its about time to go to bed. Normally 10:40 PM is really not that late for me, but I have been pushing myself these last few weeks and so it’s all catching up with me… I need some good rest. Maybe this Thanksgiving I’ll sleep in till about 9:30 PM… then of course I’ll wake up feeling guilty about wasting the first part of the morning…

Its 10:43 PM right now… gotta add this post, go take a hot shower then hop into bed…

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