Matisyahu Live at Stubbs & Showbox

This post is a few weeks late…. but oh well at least I got to it…

I attended the Matisyahu concert at the Showbox in Seattle. I must say it was a great performance. I was really impressed. In case you don’t know who Matisyahu is, he is an American Hasidic Jew who performs roots reggae/dub/hip-hop. I happened to be at a music store when I first saw the poster advertising his upcoming show in Seattle. What really caught my attention was that the poster was of this person holding a microphone rapping. But it wasn’t so much that the guy was rapping, but that he was dressed like a Hasidic Jew, the suit, the hat, he also had the beard too. So I noted his name, went home and did some investigating. I downloaded one of his tracks called “Warrior” which I think is an awesome track. So of course I was really eager to catch his performance.

Well, we went to see the show that Monday night… oh by the way just as a side note, Matisyahu does not perform on Friday nights… but anyway, like I was saying, we when to check out the show. He really put on a great show. Not only did he have really great roots reggae/dub tracks, but his stage presence and performance was superb. I really liked his lyrics too. I didn’t quite understand all his lyrics and some sounded like they might be Hebrew, but I liked that fact that his lyrics sounded like if they were not about The Lord at least they were inspired by Him, or from the Old Testament. I would love to interview him sometime for the Nubian Underground magazine and chat about his life and his faith.

The other thing I like about the show was that it was an all family type event. Those of you who know me know that though I love hip-hop and I grew up on hip-hop, I hate the garbage that we have to endure on radio and TV today. I am talking about the crap rap that gratifies materialism, violence, gratuitous sex and so on and so forth. I don’t waste any of my money on that kind of trash. But that is why it is really refreshing when you get artists like Matisyahu who have a positive message and put out music that you are not embarrassed to play the presents of those you love and respect.

A couple of weeks after the show, I went and bought his CD that was recorded live at Stubbs in Texas. It was somewhat similar to the concert we attended at the Showbox. However, at the Showbox, Matisyahu also played a couple of new tracks that are going to be on his upcoming release in January 2006. I can hardly wait for the new CD to come out!

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