OpenOffice 2.0 is Finally Out. 2.0 or OpenOffice 2.0 is finally out. So I quickly uninstalled version 1.5 that I had installed a little while back, downloaded and installed version 2.0. Now I have been playing about with it today. And I really like it so far. I must say that I have seen vast and continuous improvements over the years from when it started out as StarOffice and eventually became By the way, StarOffice is still in development and OpenOffice branched off to support the open source software initiative.

Although I still use MS Office, I want to start using OpenOffice more as an alternative, not just in the Windows environment but also in the Linux platform. My ultimate plan is to see if I can get comfortable and self sufficient using open source software and do most of the day-to-day tasks I do on Windows in Linux instead. But that is a story for another day

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