WildCam. The African Watering Hole Webcam

National Geographic Magazine, has a live 24/7 webcam that is pointed to a small pond/wateringhole at a game reserve in Botwana. The live video feed is actually pretty incredible. It is high definition, pretty smooth motion and the sound is excellent. As far as I can tell, there is hardly any delay between the sound and the picture.

What is incredible about this is that the whole camera/computer/router set-up is in this pretty remote place in the Southern African country of Botswana and everything, at least from this end works seamlessly.

So far, within the space of two hours, I have seen an ostrich, zebra, some birds (I am not quite sure of the species), a jackal, some antelopes and right now I am watching an elephant drinking and hanging out in the water.

To checkout the feed, please follow this link.

I am still editing this post I’ll be back to finish it in a bit…

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