All Time Classic Soundtracks

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved music of all kinds. One of my favorites genres of music has always been the old, classic Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. Below are eight soundtrack album covers of my favorite musicals. Expect for one, these are the musicals I grew up listening to as a kid. They certainly bring back fond childhood memories.
Now concerning the actual movies, of the eight below, I have never really watched “South Pacific”, but I knew all the music from the movie. As for “Fiddler on the Roof”, I only watched the movie and listened to the music for the first time last year. It is still a classic and I loved to movie.

On Ubuntu Once Again

I am still messing with my Ubuntu installation.

There are a number of applications that I use with my web browser that I kind of take for granted like QuickTime, Real, Windows Media, Macromedia Flash etc. None of these are installed on Ubuntu. In fact QuickTime (and I am guessing Windows Media) do not even have a version for Linux.

So now I have to go look for alternatives to these applications. Now I was lucky with Flash since Macromedia has a Linux version but with QuickTime, the best alternative I have been able to find is one called Mplayer. This I downloaded but I am not quite sure how to install it. There are a number of similar things that I have to do including installing a new NVIDIA AGP video card that I bought of which unfortunately NVIDIA does not support Linux/Mac installations.

This is where Microsoft I think really has it made. No matter how bad you think their OS is, they make things very easy for folks to use. Ultimately people just want something simple, and something simple that works!

Anyway, I will have to look for AGP drivers that hopefully will work with the new card, and of course I have to find alternatives for the rest of the software I have come to love on Windows.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted…

Of Katrina and the Aftermath

It’s been a while since I last posted. My last blog was the day before Katrina made landfall. As I have spent the last almost two weeks reading the news, the blogs and TV, I have been watching with interest the happenings… from the hurricane at the last minute barely touching New Orleans, to the next day when at first we thought the New Orleans had dodged a bullet. Then came the rising water levels, the flooding, the ‘riots and lootings’, the slow relief effort response, all the good folks stuck down at the super dome, at the convention center and some in hospitals, homes, buildings etc. Pretty unbelievable!

Certainly there is no shortage of news reports, blog postings, TV and radio commentary related to the Katrina hurricane and I will be posting my reflections on all this in a few days or so

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