Sine Tempus

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Sine Tempus is the killa album set for release by Goldie shortly. This is one album that I have been eagerly anticipating for the last few years, not because I knew that he was going to release an album called Sine Tempus, but simply because I am a huge fan of Goldie and his music and so I am eager to hear anything he puts out.

A couple of weeks ago, Bailey, on his weekly drum ‘n’ bass show (broadcast every Sunday from 10:00 PM to Midnight on BBC’s 1Xtra) talked about the album being in the same class as “Timeless”, the two album release set also by Goldie. Now I consider Timeless to be one of the greatest albums of all time and after listening to some of the new tracks playing in the background as Goldie was talking, I totally agree with Bailey’s conclusion. I think “Sine Tempus” is going to be a classic that heads will be listening to for many years to come.

As I was listening to samples of the tracks from Sine Tempus, played during a mini-segment called “Bailey Meets Goldie” which was a 32-minute interview with Goldie and was conducted by DJ Bailey (also a Metalheadz artist) at Goldie’s countryside residence, I was struck by the fact that Goldie has not lost his touch at all. If anything he seems to have grown. I was also struck by his honestly and his openness. In the interview, Goldie talked candidly about his influences, his music, his ups and downs including past drug use and how he spent years getting off the drugs.

Now, as you all know, of my all time favorite music producers, Goldie has been in my top three ever since I was introduced to album “Metalheadz Presents Platinum Breakz” way back in 96. I have just about all of his past releases on FFRR and Metalheadz and Sine Tempus will be added to my collection as soon as it’s out. One good thing about him though is that rather than trying to produce new stuff for release every week or so, he had taken the time to do other projects including movies so I think he spent quite a while composing and producing. From the samples I have heard so far, I think the time he put in was well worth it.

It is also interesting to note that during the interview, Goldie talks about being jaded by the [drum n bass] industry. I couldn’t agree more with him. I too have become completely jaded by the music industry since it has become more commercial/market driven rather than artist driven. This is what I like about Goldie’s music, is that the music is more about his life, the demons he fights, the people around him etc rather than just making a quick buck.

In general, I think most of the music being produced nowadays all sounds the same and for the most part is total rubbish. There are very few artists it seems who are creative or original and make music that stands out. I think hip-hop/rap has become very notorious for churning out crap after crap. It is for this reason, that I stopped buying CDs and I become very picky about what new music I was/am willing to spend not just my money buying, but also my time listening to.

Most of the music that I now listen to and still enjoy is drum and bass. Although the music is starting to emerge from the underground, there are still a few artists that produce for the love of the music and not necessarily just to sell tons of records and make money. The irony of this is that these same artists will not release their work on CD but on dub plates so a lot of really good stuff may take a year or more to move from dub plate to CD.

I will be talking more about how the commercialization of the music is killing the music and other related issues shortly…

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