Vietnamese Doctor Makes Homemade Endoscope

I think this story of this Vietnamese doctor who developed a homemade, do-it-yourself endoscope is really remarkable.

Dr Nguyen Phuoc Huy created the endoscope using an old computer, an adapter and a scope. This endeavor was undertaken under necessity since the hospital where he worked simply could not afford to buy one. It took him two years to develop this tool. Now what I find even more remarkable about this endeavor is that about the time he stated working on this project, he knew relatively little about computers and had to teach himself the basics.

This story has great implications, not only for cash strapped hospitals in the developing countries, but also for smart, ingenious and hardworking citizens of these same countries simply because it shows that there may be affordable, low cost alternatives to the various medical technologies and machines which tend to be very expensive to buy, maintain and also to train the personnel to operate.

The other opportunity for this particular doctor is that of producing and supplying his ‘invention’ to interested parties both domestic and internationally.

Awesome work Doc!

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