That Old Ubuntu Box

I have this old wintel 600 MHz computer that I bought in 99. The computer died about a year ago and though I had been planning to work on it I just never really had the time and the inclination. I had initially spent quite a while on it trying to figure out why it would not reinstall and finally, i concluded that the motherboard may have gone bad and needed replacing. Anyway I finally got around to reexamining it last night with a friend. The first thing we did was to stick in a copy of Knoppix’s live cd and booted up the computer. Knoppix was able to find most of the computer’s hardware except for the Ethernet card. This may have been because we used version 3.1 and not the latest version, which I think is version 5+. I then decided to try Ubuntu’s live cd instead and it was able to find all my hardware including the Ethernet adaptor. The bottom line is, everything looked fine from a motherboard perspective.

The next step was to open up the box, remove both hard drives and examine of the hard drive’s jumper settings. I noticed that one of the settings did not seem quite right. Maybe all this time I have been trying to figure out why the OS will not reinstall, the jumper settings are were not correct! Initially I thought the settings were fine and that the problem lay with the motherboard, but as the live cds showed that the motherboard was probably not the problem.

Well I have reset everything, put the box back together and now I am ready to try and reinstall the Windows 98 SE. If that works, then I can relax a bit. My ultimate plan for this box though is to have a duel boot consisting of Windows 98 SE and Ubuntu. I will be working on that this evening and hope it all works out ok…

I’ll be keeping ya’ll posted

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