Kenya Dig It?

Kenya Dig It T-Shirt

I found a very interesting t-shirt design design on the Busted Tees website. This particular design is called ‘Kenya dig it?’ Interesting play on words from the 70s disco/funk era. What’s even funnier is the actual website description of the tee. It goes in part as follows…

“Busted Tees has teamed up with The Republic of Kenya’s National Tourism Coalition to bring you this exciting, wearable pro-Kenya message…”

Now this came as a suprise to me… Kenya has a National Tourism Coalition??? Who knew? I also didn’t know Kenya was twice the size of Nevada.

Now as far as I know, Kenya does not have a Tourism Coalition, unless that is Rainbow/NARC thing, however Kenya does have a national tourist board that promotes Kenyan tourism to the rest of the world. You can checkout their official website and great Kenyan pictures at the website.

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