East, West, Tacos Guaymas is Best

Taco Guaymas

As far as good, authentic style Mexican food goes, Tacos Guaymas is rather underated however in my book it is numero uno and I must tell you why…

Taco Guaymas has two spots in Broadway Avenue in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood district. For you Nubian Underground (and other hip-hop) heads who are not familiar with Broadway Avenue, this is the street that Sir Mix-A-Lot raps about in his 2002 hit, “Posse on Broadway” of the album “Swass” I used to own this album when it first came out and I have very mixed feelings about it. A couple of the tracks are pretty cool but the rest are…  hmmm… but that is beside the point.

This weekend we went on a road trip to the eastern side of the state and decided to stop at this one particular Mexican restaurant we had been to before. I will not mention the name of the restaurant for obvious reasons. On this occasion however, there were not as many people eating there as one would have expectected kind of strange for a Saturday afternoon. The staff was friendly however, the service was rather slow. When the food arrived, it didn’t look very exciting. When I bit into the deep fried burrito, I realized my days of frequenting this one restaurant were numbered. The meat tasted funny and the cheese they used was either the fake cheese kind or was simply one of the worst cheeses I have ever tasted. The ground beef tacos were so-so, I could see the ground beef in the taco but I could not taste it so I’m not quite sure if that really was beef or tofu. The enchilada was not too bad but I think what helped was that they were chicken enchiladas. It takes a lot of effort to mess-up any sort of a chicken dish. Actually I couldn’t finish the meal and I had to spit out a mouthful of burrito. I really wanted to gag but I thought going out into the street and gagging right beside the restaurant would simply not leave a very good impression (just to let you know in all fairness, I did not get food poisoning or anything like that).

Now I must admit there is a positive side to this story too. The restaurant has a great bakery with very reasonable prices and they also serve a sans-alcoholic fizzy sangria drink called Señorial. No doubt this is the best soda I have ever drunk! For those of you who know Vimto, it kind of tastes like that. Also that evening when we got back to Seattle, the first thing we did was to stop by Tacos Guaymas for their tortilla soup, to wash out the taste of the awful lunch that I had earlier still lingering in my mouth!

So what is it about Taco Guaymas that makes it so good? Of all the Mexican restaurants I have been to, and with the exception of two including the one mentioned above, I have had pretty decent dining experiences at most. In the case of Tacos Guaymas, their meals seem to have a less commercialized, more authentic taste and feel to them. The food is absolutely top-notch. The prices are a little high but totally worth it and the staff are great. Unless you’re looking for an upscale pretentious type of restaurant, I highly recommend that you find you way to Tacos Guaymas and enjoy great Mexican cooking! Oh and I should mention, Tacos Guaymas also serves Señorial Sangria awesome!

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