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Hey ya! After a little research, a couple of downloads and a day or so of tweaking and configuring I finally have my blog, Andaialogue up and running. The current design is rather generic (read, not in the Nubian Underground style) but that will change in the next couple of weeks or so.

So, what’s with this blog anyway? Is this another case of me simply jumping onto the blogger band wagon? Not quite. See besides African hip-hop, I have a number of interests including (not in any particular order of importance), drum n bass music, international news and politics, technology, content management systems, web development and the internet, traveling, martial arts, traditional Japanese movies, my Christian faith and many more… It just so happens that I cannot quite express my thoughts and musings about a number of these interests of mine quite adequately in on Nubian Underground, and even some of my Nubian Underground related thoughts may be a sentence or two, and therefore once again could not be adequately expressed on Nubian Underground. It struck me that maybe the best way to approach this was simply to set up a blog and incorporate it as a part of Nubian Underground. Then I can have an Africanized supposition of random thoughts and musings to my hearts desire.

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