Once Again

Once again I find myself sitting and staring at a computer screen thinking about anything and everything except what I am working on. It’s about 8:36PM now. Tuesday night, two days before Thanksgiving and I am, mentally exhausted trying to keep sane for just a few more days. I would love to sleep for a week straight. Strong drip coffee has been my trusty companion for the last few weeks as I slough through a few thousand lines of code. Funny though I have been tuned in to Winamp’s various shoutcast streams listening to a ton of drum and bass, ambient and trance music however, there are two CDs that I have found to be really uplifting and energizing, these are Reset, by the Christian group Mute Math and My King: Live Praise & Worshop by Planetshaker.

The First Day

Well… I have finally gotten my blog up and running. I tried setting up the name at Andai but apparently the name is taken. Who would have though that the name Andai which happens to be a name from the Luhya people, a tribe from the western part of Kenya would be so popular. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I am Kenyan.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on various things, issues and experiences that have been on my mind over the past few years. Funny how looking back now, one’s perspective on life changes over the years you know what I mean. For example, I clearly remember myself at the age of 16 literally thinking that I new everything there was to know in life…. Amazing!

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