I am tired of all this fluff. I really need something more meaningful.

Seen: Die Trying

today I saw someone carrying the book on the bus, Die Trying by Lee Child

Seen: Blasphemy 

Today I saw on the bus, someone reading Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie

He has watched over me

When I look back at my life, from the time when I was a kid, I realize that He has watched over and protected me… and continues to do so. Why me? I can’t really say, though one thing for sure is that I don’t deserve it. All I can say is that I am…

Seen: Lovelace and Babbage

i saw someone reading on the bus, the book; The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer

Seen: Monsoon

This morning I saw someone on the bus reading  ‘Monsoon’ by Wlibur Smith